So you can focus on lawyering

Word add-in for seamless, integrated workflow

Let AI do the heavy lifting

AI translation won't be perfect, but it's a great starting point. We train it to become better for you over time. We cover English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Dutch.

Word Add-in

No need to leave your normal workflow, our easy-to-install Word Add-in brings specialised legal AI translation directly into your Word document.

Reporting (Coming soon!)

Invoice your clients for translation costs with ease by downloading detailed translation usage reports.

Perfectly formatted docs a click of a button. Stop wasting hours on formatting and numbering! You have better things to do.

Human collaboration

The stakes are too high to let machines do all the work. Give access to a professional translator or use in-house resources to review or post-edit.

Encryption and security

Safety and security are fundamental to the success of our business just as it is to yours. We are also GDPR compliant.

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